As a quarterback in high school and college, Darin Colucci has ample experience in the realm of sports and team dynamics. After becoming a successful attorney and cofounder of his practice, Colucci decided to also pursue his dream of being a college football coach specializing in quarterback coaching in 2002. Using his methods of determination and drive to go after exactly what he wanted, he contacted the head coach at Curry College near Boston, Massachusetts, and secured a nonpaid walk-on role as a coach the very same week.

Since then, Colucci has been a valued member of the staffs at Curry, King Philip High School, and Bentley University as a quarterback coach, offensive coordinator, and associate head coach. He provided guidance and motivation to his teams, with quarterbacks earning awards such as team MVP, Northeast-10 MVP, ECAC Rookie of the Year, the Gridiron Club of Greater Boston Swede Nelson Award, a Offensive Player of the Week award, and several weekly Gold Helmet Awards.

His coaching experience, along with his other personal endeavors, makes Colucci an excellent mentor and speaker for sports teams, coaches’ conferences, and other athletic organizations. The advice given in his book Everything I Never Learned in School is just as applicable to the fields of physical fitness and sports as it is for business. Creating the drive to succeed and the passion to follow your dreams is Colucci’s specialty, and he finds great joy in working with teams to achieve their goals.

As a speaker, Colucci will work with your event coordinators to create a motivating and relatable program for your next sports camp, conference, or other events.