The business of real estate is ever-evolving and often cutthroat. Realtors, as well as buyers and sellers, must always be on their game if they want to succeed. The practices Darin Colucci has outlined for success apply perfectly to this fast-paced and exciting industry. He has studied strategies of some of the world’s top real-estate moguls, such as former NFL quarterback Roger Staubach and Texas investor Henry S. Miller. Determination, persistence, and a good attitude are key to success in this field.

When followed, Colucci’s methods are guaranteed to help anyone succeed. His straightforward yet charismatic attitude sets a relatable tone as a keynote speaker for real estate seminars and conferences. Based on his research, as well as personal experience and those of close friends and relations, Colucci has a thorough knowledge of the business. His start as a lawyer and entrepreneur also lends well to the independent realtor’s mindset; proving that good communication skills and a drive to succeed are necessary for sales, negotiations, legal processes, and big contract deals.