How Does That Make Sense? on Get Familiar Radio Channel - Dash RadioPropelled by the launch of my book, “Everything I Never Learned in School,” I’m excited to introduce to you our new internet radio spot on the Get Familiar Radio channel on Dash Radio!

I want to provide listeners with entertaining insight on how to succeed. We will have guests that will share their stories of their path to success. If we do it right, guests will honestly share with the audience the insecurities they have had to deal with along the way as well as any and all setbacks they may have encountered. People tend to see the end product of the journey (success); we want to focus on the difficulty of the journey and, in doing so, provide people with a blueprint for success and truly hope that they can succeed no matter what their present circumstance may be. The listeners will be encouraged to call in and ask questions to take part in the conversation. We also will tackle current events with an eye toward educating listeners to think for themselves as opposed to merely listening to media accounts of events.

What you can expect to hear on our show:

  • A Grammy nominated DJ and music producer
  • Self-made millionaires
  • The person who started the Ice Bucket Challenge
  • A business school graduate who eschewed corporate America to become a fledgling country music star
  • An Olympian who changed the world at 21 and didn’t know what to do next
  • A man who took on the behemoths of the musical instrument business and succeeded
  • A few people who failed in their endeavors and had to deal with the disappointment

So how do you tune in?

From your smartphone:

  • Download the Dash Radio app
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Bookmark the Get Familiar channel
  • Tune in at 8 pm EST on Sunday (starting Jan. 7, 2018)

Get Familiar on Dash Radio
From your PC or Mac