Darin Colucci has written three books and has personal experience in the process and insights of publishing. His first published title, Everything I Never Learned in School, is available from various booksellers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Colucci has also worked as a radio commentator for WBZ in Boston, lending experience and knowledge in the radio and broadcast industries. His hard work and perseverance have led to success in many fields, and his message reflects that anyone can achieve their goals with the right mindset and effort.

Colucci’s foray into the publishing world also comes with an entrepreneur’s knowledge of how to create a brand for yourself and your book, product, website, or other media. Branding and marketing are essential to any field. His keys to success also include knowing how to effectively communicate your message, whether it is to a broad audience, a client, or even to yourself. As an experienced lawyer, coach, and public speaker, Colucci knows how best to engage an audience and to make his voice heard. He creates messaging that will inspire listeners and motivate them to take action to achieve success in any endeavor.

For your next media, publishing, marketing, or PR seminar, book Darin Colucci and find out everything you never learned in school about how to be successful.