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When I was in high school, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for a living or what I wanted out of life. Everyone told me I had plenty of time to figure it out; that’s what college was for. So I just waited for something to come to me.

I have plenty of time, I thought. I’m young.

Then I blinked and fifteen years had passed. Although I had graduated, was employed, and did achieve some advancement, I still lacked a goal, a plan, or any real idea of how to become truly successful—or happy for that matter. Everyone else in my life seemed pleased with where I was professionally, which is to say my parents were thrilled with where I was in life and my wife was happy that we were able to afford a modest home. But I didn’t feel like I had achieved real success at all.

To me, being employed, having the ability to pay my bills, and merely staying afloat was not success. And it certainly wasn’t fulfilling. So I asked myself two questions: How did I wind up where I am? and How do I change it?

You see, they teach virtually everything in schools except how to be successful and how to be happy. This book is a practical guide—a roadmap to those two destinations, if you will. It’s a how-to book specifically tailored for anyone who is unfulfilled by their current circumstances and wants more out of this journey we call life. Success is a choice, one that needs to be made right now. You can lead a life filled with fun, passion, excitement, and riches … if you choose to.

The Eric Hoffer Award | 2017 Winner

2017 Eric Hoffer​ Book Awards
Honorable Mention in the Self-Help Category

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In Everything I Never Learned In School about How to Be Successful, Colucci helps readers through those lessons not taught in school: how to be happy and how to be successful, as well as how the two are inextricably linked.

Today, young adults continue to struggle with figuring out what they want out of life. Many are told, "that's what college is for," but really the planning should begin much earlier. For those embarking on the journey of life, success is a choice—a choice that leads to a life filled with fun, passion excitement and riches. All that's needed is desire to do something great and the information contained in this book.

Colucci demystifies “success” in a way that is digestible for all audiences, using a few simple yet infallible rules that have helped him in his own career and accomplishments. His formula includes:

  • Taking ownership of your future and chasing what inspires you to lead a passionate, exciting life.
  • Success is a choice; with hard work and identification of your fears you can visualize success as if it’s already happened and pursue your dreams.
  • Seeking advice from those who are in the best position to give it on the particular field you’re interested in.
  • Investing in your success to gain practical, real world experience for your ultimate goal.
  • Perseverance is greater than talent, privilege, or even education when it comes to attaining success. A positive attitude is also essential.
  • Simple changes in your daily thinking and approach to life will make a big difference in getting you closer to your life’s goals.